GAN 356 i2 3x3 (Magnetic)

GANSKU: 1030418

Color: Stickerless
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GoCube Edge 3x3 (Magnetic)
GoCube Edge 3x3 (Magnetic)
₹ 8,499.00


GAN 356 i2 3x3 Magnetic

The GAN 356 i2 is the latest in smart-cube technology with full motion tracking and statistics on each solves such as turns per second, rotations, and move count, this puzzle is sure to help improve your times in a new, exciting way. Its complementary APP, Cube Station, lets you battle your friends and other cubers worldwide.

The cube itself features a brand new design with large internals and quick crunchy feel. This cube definitely brings the best of both worlds between technology and performance.

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