MsCUBE Ms3-v1 3x3 Enhanced (Magnetic)

MsCUBESKU: 1030435

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MsCUBE Ms3-v1 3x3 Enhanced (Magnetic)

MsCUBE Ms3-v1 is a magnetic speedcube by a new and up-coming manufacturer MsCUBE, designed by a former GAN designer. This cube offers various features such as Magnetic customization and High fault tolerance. The new spider web design in pieces helps to hold the lube for a longer time and gives a great turning experience with smooth and fast turning. Corner cutting for this cube is about 55 degrees and the reverse is 30 degrees. It comes with a spare shaft, and it has exchangeable shafts which means the 6 axis on the core can be changed to ensure that the axis of the cube is vertical and turning is more comfortable.

The Enhanced version features a Dual magnetic positioning system with center edge magnets.

This cube along with MS Cube Pouch, Cube Stand, Manual, Card, Weak and Strong Springs and Alternative Shaft


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