QiYi WuShuang 5x5

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Color: Stickerless
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QiYi WuShuang 5x5

QiYi Wushuang 5x5 is a newly designed cube from MoFangge. Its size(62MM) is smaller compared to other 5x5 available in the market. Due to smaller size, it weighs less, the sticker version's weight is around 138 gm.

The outer layer is widened which improves controllability which makes it easier for high-tips. Smaller inner round corner makes it more stable and Bigger outer round corner provides outstanding corner cutting ability.

Customer Reviews

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Aditya Nemiwal
Fantastic cube

This is an absolutely fantastic cube. Out of the box, it is very dry, slow and sluggish and does not perform up to the mark. But after setup, adding thin lubes(maru, etc.) and breaking, it is the best cube on the market. I would not recommend it if you are just starting 5x5 but if want to be fast and are serious, definitely get this.

BEST 5x5!!!!

BEST 5x5!!!! A very high quality 5x5. Its meant for advanced 5x5 solvers and may be a bit costly for beginners but its worth it. Right out of the box the cube is very sandy especially the inner layers, but you can fix it with a few drops of lube. After many solves on it, it becomes really smooth.

Vishal kotwani
It works Good.

According to me the cube was a bit tight in starting but after loosening the tensioms it works very well and plastic used to make this puzzle is not premium or heavy but for me it works Good....sometimes 5x5 lockups occur but they can be fixed easily without breaking in...

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