YuXin Little Magic 3x3 v2 M (Magnetic)

YuXinSKU: 1030474

Color: Stickerless
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The new Little Magic V2M 3x3 from Yuxin brings an updated more modern design to the puzzle which gives improved performance and turning stability. Available in Stickerless (Bright) plastic.

It has an updated 3x3 design featuring a brick texture on the contact surfaces, a glossy outer finish, and medium magnets. It also is the first little magic 3x3 which features an upgraded mechanism and allows for tension and elasticity adjustment using the tool provided.


  • Smooth feel, better grip, and faster burst speed
  • Stable structure, the magnet embedded in without glue
  • Smooth rounded corners protect your hands from scratching
  • Inspire thinking, exercise hands and eyes, develop intelligence
  • 5 Brick texture, anti-stick grooves, eliminate jams and facilitate debugging 
  • 12 gears easily adjustable handle 
  • High fault tolerance, anti-pop anti-rotation

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