MoYu WeiLong GTS3 M 3x3 Magnetic

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MoYu WeiLong GTS3 M 3x3 Magnetic

Detailed review !!! Using for about an year

As I said , I have been using this cube pretty well about an year ago. This is a full detailed review. I have my cube pretty tight and spring setting at 5 / 3rd from bottom . All the ratings are based on my personal opinion.

Quality of building - It is made of very high quality plastic. I drop the cube nearly twice or thrice a week, and my cube is as intact as it should be.
Few people do not like ridges over the edges, but believe me , it won't feel after even a little practice of 100 solves ( if you mind the ridges out of the box)
The cube is pretty dry out of the box. It's double torpedo system is anti pop. Magnet strength is quite a strong.

Out of the box - 9/10

Shades - Pretty well. I find it not as good as the gan shades, but not as bad as the little magic shades. We can clearly distinguish the colours while speed solving in ample amount of light, but in little less light , as I would say dusk, with only natural light, It is a little tough to distinguish especiallybetween the red and orange.

Rating for shades - 8/10

Corner cutting - best in the whole world!!!!!!
Regular- Atleast 50 degrees , sometimes even 60.
Reverse - line to first line
The corner cutting even cuts two misaligned layers at the same time.
I don't think that much corner cutting is required , but I would surely give it

Corner cutting - 10/10

Performance - It is very very fast. Some people (like me) do not like this fast cubes. Turning is effortless , sometimes , if given more effort it turns 2 moves in a single flick. Not all the time, but yes , sporadically ,it overshoots , especially in stressed out conditions ( compeitions).
After an year , it has become little floppy , it locks up sometimes during the v perm and cross( F moves). I don't know , but it happened when I dropped my cube or I dumped very heavy maru lube into it.(about 3-4 ml).

Performance ( out of the box) - 9.5/10
Performance ( after an year ) - 7.5/10

Conclusion - This was the best cube when I bought it , but now in the same price range , I reccomend Gan 356 m , which is almost the Gan x v1 (except you don't change magnets). And if medium magnets don't bother you, buy 356 m (as of March 2020). It is a perfect balance between the control and speed. It has a soft feel.
If the budget is high definitely go for the x v2 or xs . And if it can be a bit high, check out the new valk 3 elite . And if it is around 2600-2800 definitely the gan 356 m
These are just my opinions . Please check YouTube videos before buying any of the cubes.

Thank you for reading till end .😁
Happy cubing to you all. !!!

Performance is better than every cube in this range

Best cube out of the box. 50°+ corner cutting.grrat lube setup.Lube starts disaappering after about 1 month when you realise. I have it for about 6 months now. No complaints except that tensioning the screws after taking them apart equally is quite difficult

Really good

I bought it a few months back and it still feels lubricated like it was just out of the box.Very controllable and smooth.The magnets are just perfect not too strong not too weak.Even though it has the ability to adjust the spring,I found them perfect.hope that helps!

Main worthy

It is the best cube as it has given us a stable and smooth feel and along with the ridges to control it.HATS OFF!!To Cubelelo for delivering this one day before my birthday

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