best 6x6 cubes

5 Best 6x6 Speed Cubes In 2023 You Should Look For!

Solving a Rubik’s cube requires a lot of patience and strong will to come to the desired outcome. What time do you think that it would take to solv...
best 7x7 cube

5 Best 7x7 Speed Cubes Reviews [2023 Updated]

The 7x7 Rubik's cube is a high-order combinational puzzle. It was invented by Paniogiotis Verdes and is produced by the Greek Company Verdes Innova...
best rubik's cube for beginners

Best 3x3 Cube for Beginners

Cube is a 3D Combination puzzle that has been very popular since the early 1980s. Cubing has evolved a lot since then, as now everyone is eager to ...
best 4x4 cubes

5 Best 4x4 Speed Cube Reviews [2023 Updated]

Once you are an expert in solving the 3x3 Rubik’s Cube, you move one level up and pick up a 4x4 speed cube. However, when it comes to 4x4 speed cub...
best 2x2 speed cube

6 Best 2x2 Speed Cubes Reviews

Speed cubes are a great way to key in your concentration and complete focus. However, today there are a vast array of speed cubes to choose from. F...
best pyraminx cube

4 Best Pyraminx (Triangle) Speed Cubes You Must Try

The Pyraminx (Triangle) Speed Cube is a tetrahedron shaped puzzle. It is said to be the second best-selling puzzle in the world. The pyraminx was i...
best puzzles for 3 year old kids

Best Brain Building Puzzles For 3-Year-Old Kids In 2023

Puzzles have a profound impact on the development of 3-year-old kids. Many children feel drawn towards different kinds of puzzles because it stimul...
best gan cubes

Best GAN Cubes [Reviewed & Updated 2023]

The GAN is a Cube puzzle brand created by Ganyuan Jiang. He had set the first Chinese 3x3 national speed-solving record in 2007. GAN had released t...

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